Since October 2017, customers with services in our SP4 data center are already operating on the ECO (Equinix Customer One), set of systems and processes that aims to ensure a consistent global experience for our customers in Equinix. The other Brazil data centers (SP1, SP2, SP3, RJ1 and RJ2) are in the process of migration, which is foreseen to be integrated to ECO by the end of 2018

In light of this, we want to inform you that features such as access to IT environment’s information, trouble tickets, technical visits openings and online service requests, among others, are temporarily available in different instances for SP4 customers and clients of the other Brazil data centers.

If you are an SP4 customer, please access the
ECP – Equinix Customer Portal.

If you are in SP1, SP2, SP3, RJ1 or RJ2, click the button below to continue with your login to the Equinix Brazil Customer Portal.

Thank you for your business.